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Our programs at OSA are all private & semi-private lessons. We believe this allows us to individualize every lesson we teach- so that your swimmer gets exactly what they need and nothing more or less. Whether you are looking for a fun and relaxed introduction to the water, or hoping to get your young swimmer water safe- we have a program for your family.

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Girls Swimming Underwater


2:1 Ratio

This 30 Minute Semi-Private class is for young swimmers who are close in age and in swim experience. These swimmers must be past the “fears and tears” stage and must be able to stay safe while the instructor works with their classmate.


1- 30 Minute Semi-Private         $30/swimmer

8-30 Minute Semi-Privates         $200/swimmer


1:1 Ratio

We offer 20 & 30 Minute private lessons based on your swimmers age, experience and needs. We focus on learning to swim, without any aids or flotation devices. These lessons are custom-tailored to each swimmer so they can learn quickly and efficiently.


1- 20 Minute Private          $40

8- 20 Minute Privates        $240

1- 30 Minute Private          $55

8- 30 Minute Privates        $360

Swim Lessons
Swimming Lessons


1:1 Ratio

Our newest program, Total Immersion Swim Camps combine one-on-one instruction, and the consistency of coming 3-4 times a week to teach all swimmers the life saving skill of rolling over, as quickly and efficiently as possible. This swim camp runs 4 days a week, for 2-6 weeks (based on your swimmers age and experience in the water) and is 15-20 minutes of high-energy swimming.

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